Tues, Dec 24th, 2013 EWSI (E-Waste, Systems Inc) .0295 Our #1 “MEGA ALERT” of the year saw some recovery closing at a bullish .0295 cents during today’s trading session. The stock is still holding well above our initial alert price over 3 months ago. The company recently released impressive Q3 Financials which reflected $5 million dollars in revenue and that signifies the company is on track for a very promising future. This stock was Alerted as our “MEGA ALERT” over 3 months ago and gave our VIP team opportunity to accumulate as low as .0080 cents with up to 920% in potential gains so far at its highs of .10 cents. This is a stock that used to trade well over $1 dollar per share and shows TREMENDOUS potential up to $1.50 to $2 per share long term.
E Waste Systems Inc)