Thurs, Jan 29th, 2015-PVSP (Pervasip Corp) .0003- This triple zero lotto stock was mentioned recently with opportunity to accumulate as low as .0002 cents. Keep an eye on this stock as major news announcements are expected throughout the coming weeks.


Sat, Dec 28th, 2013- AFPW (Alumifuel Power Corp.) .0003- Triple zero Lotto stocks can be high risk but they can also be highly rewarding. This is a stock that caught our attention this weekend and is a stock which we believe could offer at least several hundred percent in gains or more.  For this stock we would recommend members look for entry in .0001-.0002 cents range if possible.


Sat, Dec 28th, 2013- QASP (Quasar Aerospace Industries) .0001- This is a stock which has been a known runner. The stock is now sitting at its rock bottom price of .0001 cents. We like the entry and the risk/reward at these levels for a future potential run of several hundred percent or higher.